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June 21, 2016

They sleep so sound …. the soundest of sleep …            

The sleepiest sleep one could sleep …. is the sleep that sleeps with no sound 



November 7, 2014

Two times four
Three times two
Walking two by two
Shrinking one by one
In a queue
Still a queue
What to do
What to do ???


November 7, 2014


We will see

We will wait

Let the air thicken

Let the snow fall

And let it settle

Then we will see

Then we shall smell

The crispness of the snow

The deepness of the drift

We will feel

The coldness on the skin

And the wetness on tongue


November 7, 2014


I am falling


It will hurt this time but i don’t care

I want to feel it this time , I want to feel every moment and i want to hope

i want the feeling of falling because there is that little bit of me that feels that someones going to catch me

hold me tight and put me back together again as i used to be

I will never break again because i will break for the last time

I will put everything behind me …. close all my books ….  start the journey alone and stronger

whatever happens i am ready

eyes wide open not shut

no more wishful thinking …. never again ….

i look after me this time until someone proves they can take care of me

i can’t not be me this time

This is the final falling ….

Sweet like

June 23, 2011

What’s the best kind of sweet ??

Sweet like
A doughnut: soft and squishy ?

Sweet like
Chocolate: Addictive and creamy ?

Sweet like
Caramel: sticky and gorgeous ?

Sweet like
Ice cream : cold and yummy ?

No no .. best of all … Sweet like me … The original funny bunny !!!


and so it goes …

September 29, 2010

… A little up a big down …
Saddle up and pay up for your ride ….
Like a gentle stream and other times a flowing river …
So it goes …
Like a soft kitten but mostly a growling lion …
So it goes …
In your control most of the time … But other times like a headmaster who tells what to do
… So it goes …
When the ride is over you will be sad , you’ll want a ride all over again ….
But there she goes … Life …. You love her most days … But the days you disagree are never pretty …
She gives and she takes away … But that’s how it goes … !

Life’s True Wayfarer

September 11, 2010

Wayfarers me and you through life’s

Swimming through many climes, wading through difficult times, wayfarers me and you.

I’ll give you shade my love when the sky is hot & you will row me across the vast sea of life, wayfarers me and you .

No matter what the distance or time we will live in peace, hope and happiness. We will melt into the sublime and be togetherness.

Our love lights the world and so we burn. Lets burn brightly dearest, obstacles will come and go.
I will not be moved from my path as you draw near.
This is our destiny , to disolve into eternity, free from this world of woe and guile.
You and me darling know no space or time ….

Life’s true wayfarer me and you….