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The heart races ….

September 10, 2010

When I see her …
When I hear her ….
When I smell her ….
People give way to her ….
Her red dress makes her sizzle ….
It’s as if she is walking on air ….
The perfect figure ….
Darling … My heart races … Everytime someone mentions your name …
Everyone wants her ….
But you are mine …
Only mine ….
My heart races …. Every time ….


sleeping tigers …

September 10, 2010

So here sleeps the tigers ..
Wake them at your peril
They will fight and show their teeth
Look fierce
Sharpen their claws on anything they see
And chase poor defenceless people ….
Beware these are the tigers of the house ….
Do not mistake them for mere cats … !!!!

Listen ….

August 4, 2010

Today I listened and summer talked to me.

I didn’t play any music on my pod or in the car or in the house

I didn’t speak loudly or drive too fast

I didn’t listen to my 100 mph thoughts

Today I just listened and summer she talked

I heard the sky being silently strong

and I heard the leaves on trees and on the ground

I smiled at the grasses play ‘catch’ while staying rooted on the spot

I felt the trees sway in unison whenever they warm breeze blew

I smelt the flowers with their heads on stalks, alluring sirens are they one and all

Today I listened while summer she talked

I heard the pavements rustle and heard the quiet screams of stressed commuters

I heard the trickle of poor perspiring people

I heard curtains flapping in the wind and the birds snooze

I felt the water swell and the soil shrink

I heard the sun lightly wrap all in its sight

Today I did listen and summer she talked

I felt the car’s exhaustion and the heaters being idle

I caught the windy breeze playing naughty and nice

heard my mind go blank , my body go still as I soaked in the last days of summer

So today I stopped my chatter and listened

And summer …. she talked and sang and danced and filled my mind with pureness and light

So i suggest dear readers you also stop a little , touch a little , smell a little and smile a lot and you too will hear summer talk !